viernes, 5 de julio de 2013


It's getting cold around Stenungsund Public Library, half an hour away from Gothenburg, but the sun is shining (something rather unusual for the Swedish summer). Within a fortnight, I have got time to see The League (Mrs. Harker, Captain Nemo and Tom Sawyer among others vs. the Phantom of the Opera. An AWESOME steampunk flick!), read some books and plan purchases (two pet books and one about wounds are on my wishlist, and Swedish libraries sell such old books every week), make a soulmate (a nice lady, you bet), visit palaces and fortresses, vacuum carpets, make cakes... And all in a single fortnight!
Tomorrow, I'll venture into the woods to pick chanterelles (delicious yellow mushrooms). Last summer, we found dozens of shrooms, so hope we get even more this year!