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Another entry in my series of translations of songs from Italian to Spanish.
This song is the titular number of a popular musical, with a village priest in the lead role...


Un nuevo asiento hay que añadir, que hay un amigo más,
si le ofreces la silla, tú más cómodo estarás...
Para esto sirve la amistad, para la compañía.
Sonríe al nuevo anfitrión, y haz que aquí él siga.
¡Si compartimos el festín, es doble la alegría!

(Un nuevo asiento hay que añadir, que hay un amigo más,
si le ofreces la silla, tú más cómodo estarás...
Para esto sirve la amistad, para la compañía.
Sonríe al nuevo anfitrión, y haz que aquí él siga.
¡Si compartimos el festín, es doble la alegría!)

La puerta siempre abierta, 
la luz siempre encendida...
(La puerta siempre abierta, 
la luz siempre encendida...)
El fuego siempre vivo,
las manos extendidas...
(El fuego siempre vivo,
las manos extendidas...
La puerta siempre abierta, 
la luz siempre encendida...)

Si llega un invitado,
¿no hay que preguntar quién es?
(No, no, no,
no, no, no, no)
Si llega un invitado,
¿no hay que preguntar por qué?
(No, no, no,
no, no, no, no,
no, no, no)
Corramos hacia él 
con manos extendidas,
corramos hacia él
con una gran sonrisa, un grito, un viva... y viva...

(¡Y viva, y viva,
y viva, y viva, y viva,
y viva, y viva,
y viva, y viva, y viva,!)

Un nuevo asiento hay que añadir, que hay un amigo más,
si le ofreces la silla, tú más cómodo estarás...
Para esto sirve la amistad, para la compañía.
Sonríe al nuevo anfitrión, y haz que aquí él siga.
¡Si compartimos el festín, es doble la alegría!
Un nuevo asiento hay que añadir, y que así, y que así,
y que así, y que así...


Another entry in my series of translations of songs from Italian to Spanish. This is a pretty fluffier and lighter song compared to the previous one: there's the poet fantasizing about his lady love as a queen (and himself as her vassal), as a teacher (and himself as her student)... and always ready to die for her sake, and encouraging her to be true to herself, in the true lyrical tradition.


Quisiera ser para tí un muchacho,
caminar contigo de la mano.
Quisiera sentarme en un pupitre,
tú, señorita, me hablarás.
Enséñame cómo se debe,
cómo se debe amar a una mujer.
Su Majestad, dadme una orden,
que hay música con la que soñaré.

Trenzas al viento, caballos
al galopar,
y tus piernas elegantes
al bailar.
Baila por mí, baila, baila,
toda la noche sé bella,
no te detengas y baila
hasta el final.
No morirán las estrellas,
disuelva el alba al ocaso,
yo no comprendo este canto
que te voy a cantar.

Entono música, cantos, poemas...
mientras tú bailas, te fundes más.
Se bebe el agua para calmar la sed,
mientras te miro, muero por ti.
En tu piel acribillada de estrellas
veo el espacio sideral y aún más.
Dame tu vida, dame tu amor,
prueba otra vez, no te detendrás.

Trenzas al viento, caballos
al galopar,
y tus piernas elegantes
al bailar.
Baila por mí, baila, baila,
toda la noche sé bella,
no te detengas y baila
hasta el final.
No morirán las estrellas,
disuelva el alba al ocaso,
yo no comprendo este canto
que te voy a cantar.

Trenzas al viento, caballos
al galopar,
y tus piernas elegantes
al bailar.
Baila por mí, baila, baila,
toda la noche sé bella,
no te detengas y baila
hasta el final.
No morirán las estrellas,
disuelva el alba al ocaso,
yo no comprendo este canto
que te voy a cantar.

Dame tu vida, dame tu amor,
prueba otra vez, no te detendrás.


This is the first post in a series of translations of songs from Italian to Spanish...
Here, I have used Catalan to replace Sardinian and Castilian for standard Italian: it could as well refer to the Republican repression and post-bellum misery in my native region: eastern Spain had been stark red and the Fascists were harsh and repressive. The repression, both during and after the war, can be qualified as "Magdeburgization:" Children were orphaned, maidens were raped, the Fascists did not even pardon sacred art, in spite of defending Catholicism... (*shudders*)


Noche oscura,
sin tarde que preceda...
noche impotente...
noche guerrera...
Por otras vías,
con estas manos mías,
busco las tuyas
y las mías buscas...

Despunta la luna del monte...
Despunta la luna del monte...

Tras rostros de piedra, tras calles de fango,
buscando, la luna, buscando.
Danzándote en la mente, desflorando a la gente,
a veces estallando en llanto...
Un canto responde, seguro...
bien pronto, será olvidado...
voces de los pobres restos
de un sueño castrado.

Entre escombreries, els desamparats van
cercant el recapte, cercant-lo,
enmig de la gent, en mig del carrer, ells van demanant-lo,
la vida desperta plorant-ho.
Vosaltres, fills de ningú,
nascuts en els anys oblidats...
només tens cinquanta-un,
però aparentes cent anys!

Oh, cor meu...
Corazón mío...
Font tan clara i beneïda...
Fuente clara y bendita...
...on jo, finalment...
...donde, finalmente,
...puga beure'm la vida...
...pueda beber la vida...
No importa donde caiga
por mi ruta el alba,
sin más cadenas
iremos juntos...

Despunta la luna del monte...
Ve entonant una tonada...
Despunta la luna del monte...
Ve entonant una tonada...

Despunta la luna del monte...
Ve entonant una tonada...
Despunta la luna del monte...
Ve entonant una tonada...

Entre escombreries, els desamparats van
cercant el recapte, cercant-lo,
enmig de la gent, en mig del carrer, ells van demanant-lo,
la vida desperta plorant-ho.

Tras rostros de piedra, tras calles de fango,
buscando, la luna, buscando.
Danzándote en la mente, desflorando a la gente,
a veces sentándote a un lado.
Un canto responde, seguro,
de niños jugando en un prado...
voces que se alzan más alto
desde un sueño castrado...

Entre escombreries, els desamparats van
cercant el recapte, cercant-lo,
Despunta la luna del monte...
enmig de la gent, en mig del carrer, ells van demanant-lo,
la vida desperta plorant-ho.
Despunta la luna del monte...

Ve entonant una tonada...
Ve entonant una tonada...

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Here is my favourite episode of Beyond Belief, a warm and cathartic true story (it happened in real life) in which a creative and lonely little girl, in fact, a toddler, saves her mother from dying of heart failure... thanks to what she has drawn on a blackboard. Truly heartwarming and uplifting, aside from reminiscent of my own all-female family background and creative passion, together with a little sheroic deeds:


Go! Princess Precure - Episode 33


The episode begins with Madame Shamour, for once the fulcrum of the episode, saluting us in French (as usual):
MME. SHAMOUR: Bonjour, mes amies! Leçons Royales de Madame Shamour! Today, we'll be talking about make-up!

Effectively: she is giving her four disciples a lesson in make-up art.

MME. SHAMOUR: Alors, toutes mes amies, allons commencer la leçon!

A shy and awkward Kuroro (formerly known as Lock), in the meantime, is hiding in his cozy den, not daring to venture beyond.


After the credits, the results of the Leçon of the week are shown: the Cures (except This Loser is You du jour Haruka) have diligently applied their make-up.
Kirara looks even sexier than before:
MME. SHAMOUR: OK, that's good.
KIRARA: I guess something like this?

Minami looks even more dignified than before:
MINAMI: As expected from Kirara. You're great at this. You look really pretty.
KIRARA: I'm used to this from work as a model. (Winking at Minami) You, Minamini, did it perfectly too.
MINAMI: I have to put on make-up to attend social events.

Towa, the only princess of blood on the team, just looks adorable:
TOWA: I'm so envious of the two of you! I don't really understand what I am doing.
KIRARA (excited as usual): Towachi, you look perfect!! Where did you learn that?
TOWA (shyly): I had my maid teach me a bit when I was little.

Haruka's make-up is hideous, resembling that of a clown. For such reasons (This Loser is You character hatred), the blog has omitted a picture of it.

Suddenly, Haruka sees a pair of green eyes looking at her from a hole in Kuroro's den and grows curious.

MME. SHAMOUR: He's a fairy from the Hope Kingdom. Kuroro.
(Flashback to Lock becoming Kuroro)

The Cures now take for granted that Lock is Kuroro.

MINAMI (peering into the den): You're finally awake. How are you feeling?
KURORO: (shudders)
TOWA (friendly): Thank goodness you're all right, Kuroro.
KURORO: (shudders and retreats deeper into the den)
MME. SHAMOUR: He's still a bit shy. Seems like he's forgotten all about being Lock. (Cheerful.) Leave Kuroro to me! You girls continue with your leçon! The path to become Grand Princesses is tough!

When the Cures try to contact Shamour in vain, receiving no reply, Puff replies:
PUFF: Madame Shamour left with Kuroro that way this morning.
TOWA: Towards Yumegahama... Why has she gone downtown?
KIRARA (sarcastic): Wait, can she leave the tablet so easily?
MINAMI: Is this Mme. Shamour's first time here?

Worried, the whole team takes the first bus to search for their mentor.
KIRARA (weary, sarcastic): We know only that she headed downtown, or not?
Suddenly, Haruka finds Mme. Shamour on an orange rooftop, in a suburban neighbourhood of Ponyville-like half-timbered houses. They get off the bus, but, when they reach the orange roof, only three pigeons are resting there.
Then, Kirara spots a humanoid Shamour outside a cloth shop, parleying with the shopkeepers (to purchase some cloth, or so it seems).
KIRARA: Huh? Madame Shamour! 
Much to the Cures' chagrin, she leaves. They keep on stalking her.

The Cures follow Shamour and Kuroro as these are sitting in a young lady's bike basket...

...standing on a bridge (here, she's humanoid and holds Kuroro in her arms)...

TOWA: Over there!
...uphill in the public park, in the rose arbour of a mansion garden, 
then, finally, they spot Shamour on a stage, performing with a portly juggler...

JUGGLER (shaking hands with Mme. Shamour): The show went great thanks to you! (Waving her goodbye.) Thanks, Miss Kitty.
PRECURES (unison): Madame Shamour!
MME. SHAMOUR (still on stage): Oh hey, everyone. What's the matter?
MINAMI: We have been looking for you.
TOWA (nodding): Yes.
KIRARA: What have you been doing?
MME. SHAMOUR (confidently): That can come later. I have to head for the next place. (Sauntering towards Kuroro, who is still on stage in the background): Let's go, Kuroro.
KURORO (apathetic): Yes...
YUI: Where are they going?

A bit later, Madame Shamour is standing on a clearing in the park, with Kuroro by her side, before a crowd of cats, both pets and strays.
The Precures watch the scene from behind the treetrunks and the shrubs nearby.
MME. SHAMOUR: Hello (Gokigenyó), everyone! Long time no see!
CATS (unison): Meow!
MME. SHAMOUR (pointing at Kuroro with her bâton): Let me introduce to all of you my new friend!

KURORO (looking down, shyly, awkwardly): I am... Kuroro... Nice to... meet you...
MME. SHAMOUR (to the other cats): Please be nice to him.
CATS (unison): Meow!
The Precures watch the scene unfurl. Their mentor had been previously addressing the pigeons on the orange rooftops, and now she's displaying her knowledge of yet another animal language.

TOWA: Madame Shamour knows a lot about many subjects, but her strongest subject is languages.
MINAMI: Talking to cats is another language.

MME. SHAMOUR: Oui! I sometimes take part in local cat meetings.
AROMA: How did you get to know everyone so well?
KIRARA (sarcastic): So you leave the tablet often, then.

Suddenly, an argument breaks out between the lighter-coloured pets and the black strays.

MME. SHAMOUR: The calico pet cats and the black strays have never gotten along.
The cats on both sides meow as loudly as they can, trying to roar and intimidate the other.
MME. SHAMOUR: Yes indeed. If this goes on without end...

MME. SHAMOUR (waving her bâton): Pouvoir des Leçons!

The Leçon dimension. Colourful period costumes and hats line racks as far as the eye can see. Madame Shamour towers, on a tall podium, over the whole scene, with both bands of cats (the female pets and the male strays) each facing a round pedestal. The Cures, their servants, and Kuroro have also been transported there.
MME. SHAMOUR: Let's decide this by means of a fashion contest!
CHARITY (SHORT PET CAT): A fashion contest?

MINAMI (wondering): What do cats and fashion contests have to do with each other?
MME. SHAMOUR: Cats and fashion sense go hand in hand! You all take care of your fur daily, right?
CHARITY: That may be true.
MME. SHAMOUR (excited, twirling): Let's start the fashion contest! Representative for Team Black Stray will be... (pointing at Boggis with her bâton) the leader of the black strays!
BOGGIS (frightened, shudders): ME!?
MME. SHAMOUR: For Team Calico... let's have Kuroro be the representative. (Kuroro looks at first still dejected and awkward)
KURORO (surprised, opening his green eyes wide): ?
MME. SHAMOUR (winking at Kuroro): Oui! (To the Precures) Mes princesses, please help us out. (To Towa and Kirara): You two will join Team Black.
Kirara remains sarcastic and Towa simply wonders.
MME. SHAMOUR (to Minami and Haruka): You two will join Team Calico.

MME. SHAMOUR (to everyone): This will be the perfect time to hone your fashion sense. The best getup wins, okay?
In response, Kuroro is the only one who still lacks self-confidence and shivers and stutters.

Towa and Kirara set out on beautifying their champion. As an advantage, they've got a real-life pro model ready to give everything:
KIRARA (serious, pensive): If this is a fashion battle, then I, as a model, can't afford to lose.
TOWA (gently): Mr. Black, we'll definitely make you look royal.
BOGGIS (trying to break free from his henchcats): Meow!

Their rivals, however, are not delaying...
MINAMI: Hmm... Let's see what kind of clothes fit Kuroro.

The female cats proceed to try different gowns and trenchcoats on Kuroro, who is indifferent and still gloomy.

MINAMI (kindly): Kuroro, which one do you like?
KURORO (depressed): I don't care.

KURORO (teary-eyed, depressed, sobbing): Even if I dress up... it's all pointless. I want to go back to the Hope Kingdom... I want to see everyone...

MME. SHAMOUR (soothing): Kuroro, I feel the same as you. But no matter how sad you get, your wishes won't come true.

KURORO (disappointed): Then, what should I do?
MME. SHAMOUR (smiling, giggling): He-he!

Suddenly, Close's Angels appear out of the blue, and we cut to them in the Hope Kingdom.
STOP: Stop!
FREEZE! Freeze!

SHUT (startled by the appearance of Close's Angels, who open the door at unison): Gasp!


Close's Angels have interrupted Shut as he put on his make-up and was doing his left eye with kayal.
SHUT (startled): Wh-What's this, all of a sudden!?

Suddenly, Close appears from behind.
CLOSE (to Shut, sternly): What on Earth are you doing? Putting on make-up? I hope you're not being lazy...
SHUT (his left eye without make-up, shuddering): I'm not...
CLOSE (eyes glowing violet, deeper voice): That's enough.
The mirror shatters into countless stars behind a startled Shut, who crouches for cover.
Note: Shut uses watashi (standard female pronoun), Lock/Kuroro uses boku (boy's pronoun), Twilight/Towa uses watakushi (very formal female pronoun).

SHUT (shocked by the loss of his looking glass): My mirror!! (Watashi no kagami ga!!)

CLOSE (sternly, giving Shut a pair of green glowing padlocks): Go and collect despair from humans. Got it?

SHUT (shuddering, turning pale, shocked, receiving the padlocks): Y-Yes...
Close and his Angels take their leave nonchalantly.
SHUT (swallowing his anger, irate): Curses!


Back in the Leçon Dimension, Madame Shamour is surveying the contestants.
In this corner, black stray leader "Boggis" looks like a smug, sharply-dressed mobster.
In this corner, the challenger Kuroro is dressed in warm colours as a hipster, with the same melancholic expression as before.
MME. SHAMOUR (elated): Wonderful! I shall now announce the results!
(Drum rolls)
MME. SHAMOUR: But before that, (Winks.) ...let's have a break.
Have a Kit Cat, indeed.
And thus, both teams and their judges are shuttled back into the park for a much needed picnic.


MME. SHAMOUR (pouring tea, smiling, courteously): Enjoy yourselves, everyone.

TOWA: Shamour, you're wonderful. Everything is delicious.
KIRARA (nodding as she swallows the doughnut, then surprised and ecstatic): This doughnut tastes exactly like a Marble Donut!!

MME. SHAMOUR: Indeed. I have tried many different sweets from different shops and learned about their tastes.

KIRARA (ecstatic, with sparkles in her eyes, having a doughnut orgasm): What a... genius!!

The calico cats and the black strays have made peace, relishing their delicious doughnuts.
There is only one who does not partake in everyone's joy. Guess who?

A doubtful Kuroro puts his own doughnut to his lips. The first taste makes his eyes sparkle, and soon the rest of the treat follows in as quickly as our hipster can push it in:

HARUKA: Is it good, Kuroro?
KURORO (startled, still shy): It is...
HARUKA (smiling): That's great!

MME. SHAMOUR (holding her bâton): How to fulfill your wishes. Leçon première: eat delicious food. (She winks at Kuroro.) Once you have eaten your fill, you will be happy and full of energy!

SHUT (irate, interrupting, with a face as if he were sucking a lemon): What's this about being happy!? Your happiness just grates my nerves!!

MME. SHAMOUR: Shut! Oh no!! (She does a flip and turns back into a cat.) (To Shut.) Vous!! What's with that getup!?

MME. SHAMOUR (sternly, to Shut): Your eyes are half done! That's unsightly!

SHUT (embarrassed, covering his left eye with his right hand): Th-This... (He looks through his right fingers, eyeing Shamour) She's just a fairy... But what perfect eyebrows... How cheeky... (He eyes Kuroro in hipster attire) What a unique way of self-expression! 

SHUT (takes the hand from his face and looks at the mobster cat, then becomes exceedingly surprised and filled with dread): Even that cat, too!? (Giving in to anger): Everyone is making me mad!! 

SHUT (to all three stray cats): Just show me your dreams!
TOWA (irate): Stop it, Shut!
SHUT (even more irate): SHUT UP!!

Effectively, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean all three get green keyholes on their chests.

All three black tom cats share the same dream:
"We want all the fish we can eat!"
SHUT: Shut your dream!!

Three marine desporgs are summoned from this dream: a shark, a puffer, and an eel-catfish hybrid.

Time for the Precures to stop being muggles!

SHUT (confident): He-he... Tear them to pieces!
The despair energy irradiated by the captive cats makes dark despair vines grow from the seed that fell on the clearing.

Cure Scarlet is designated to fight the puffer desporg.
CURE SCARLET (startled as the puffer unfolds its prickles): Oh!


In the meantime, Shut draws near Yui and the pet-servants.

SHUT (confidently): Now then... You are next! (Lunging against them armed with the black rose): Prepare yourselves!

Yet, before Shut can react, a cat-paw bâton quickly stops his attack.

YUI, PUFF, AROMA, KURORO (unison): Madame Shamour!

MME. SHAMOUR (winking and smiling, to Shut): Your opponent, c'est moi!
SHUT (determined): Just give it your best try!
Shut lunges, rose in hand, against Shamour, and the two opponents spar swashbuckling (notice that Shut is right-handed and Shamour is left-handed!)
Shamour performs a perfect back flip to dodge Shut's strike. This back flip, landing on her feet like, well, a cat, is repeated a few times more.
YUI (surprised): Those movements... Ballet!?

Kuroro watches, astonished, in awe, not saying anything. Shut and Shamour, both so graceful, seem to dance instead of sparring.

SHUT (in awe, blushing): Beautiful... (Utsukushii...)
Then, steeling himself, he shakes his head to drive these feelings away.
SHUT (loudly, irate): Hey! Aren't you just a fairy!? Who are you exactly!?

MME. SHAMOUR (turning back into a cat, smiling): L'Institutrice Royale, Madame Shamour. (She gives Shut a poke on the brim of his hat with her bâton, making the hat cover his eyes)
SHUT (taking his hat back up): Ow!

MME. SHAMOUR (sternly): A dishevelled look shows a dishevelled heart. (Pointing at Shut with her bâton) Your heart is very confused right now!

SHUT (embarrassed and afraid, hiding his left eye with his left hand): That's because Close interrupted me...
MME. SHAMOUR (sternly): No excuses!! Even if you are interrupted, if your heart is in it, anything is possible! Since you couldn't finish your task, you have lost your confidence! C'est pas vrai?

SHUT (shudders and gulps, not daring to say a word)

MME. SHAMOUR (concerned): Are you perhaps worried about something?

Shut, sobbing and reeling, falls on his knees before Shamour.
SHUT (on his knees, desperate): I've... I've been so stressed out lately...
Shamour gently taps the crown of the Dysdark's hat with her bâton.
MME. SHAMOUR (tapping on the tablet): Now's the time to dress up! (She summons a dressing table.)
MME. SHAMOUR (encouraging Shut): Perfect your make-up and feel better!

Shut's eyes widen and fill with tears of joy. He can't believe his eyes or his ears.

CURE SCARLET (defending herself from the puffer desporg): Shamour! What are you doing?

Shut applies his favourite cobalt blue shadow on his left eyelid.
MME. SHAMOUR: Nice colour, but it's a bit plain.

In the end, Shut is given a new make-up on his left eye: mauve eyeshadow with a couple of golden hearts, and some pink petal details as well.
MME. SHAMOUR: How about this? 
Shut's eyes fill with tears of joy.
SHUT (surprised, elated): Oh!! You are a pretty good challenger!
SHAMOUR (smiling sincerely): That fits you quite well.
SHUT (clasping the brush, doing his own make-up before the mirror): Well then...
AROMA (irritated): What are you doing, giving lessons to the enemy!?

MME. SHAMOUR (sincerely): The Princess Precures' mission is to protect everyone's smiles. Princesses also need to learn how to cheer someone up.

MME. SHAMOUR (sincerely, as Shut is busy putting on make-up): Even if a person is your enemy, that's the root of elegance. Am I right!?

Her call draws the attention of both Precures and desporgs to the clearing.
CURE TWINKLE: You're right. When people are down, that's not beautiful!
CURE MERMAID: And it's the perfect chance to give yourselves a boost!
CURE SCARLET: No matter when or where, you have to be strong, kind, and beautiful!
The Cures curbstomp the desporgs as they utter these words.

MME. SHAMOUR: Très bien. How to fulfil your dreams. Leçon deuxième! Be strong of heart and move forwards!
Kuroro's eyes fill with tears as he listens and watches the victorious Precures.

Then, it's time for using the Éclat d'Espoir on those three desporgs!

Kuroro stands in awe watching the Éclat take place.
And Shut stands in awe for other reasons: now his right eye matches the left one, and his lips are pink. He looks even queerer and more flamboyant than before.
SHUT (astonished): Oh! This is... m-m-e! (wa-ta-shi!)
MME. SHAMOUR (sauntering by his side): Très bien. That fits you quite well. You pass.
She leaves a paw print with her bâton on the back of Shut's left hand.
SHUT (gasps in surprise, then elated): Yes! If I put my heart into it... I can do it!

SHUT (elated, ecstatic): I am... beautifuuuul!! (Watashi wa... utsukushiiiii!)
Shouting these words, intoxicated with elation, he waltzes out through the keyhole portal.

YUI: There he goes.

Madame Shamour gives her disciple some more words of advice:

MME. SHAMOUR: One day, the Princess Precures will take back the kingdom. I believe in them. That's why I learn all I can with regards to this world. And then I will go back home and teach everyone everything. That is my dream.
KURORO (insecure): Your dream?
MME. SHAMOUR (smiling): Yes. (Pause) Leçon troisième! What's important now is to study and play all you can. Then that will connect with your dreams. (She winks her left eye at Kuroro)

KURORO (smiling at last, determined): I'll do my best! Before I go back home, I will learn all I can and enjoy everything!
MME. SHAMOUR (smiling): Is that your dream?
KURORO (smiling, blushing): Yes!
MME. SHAMOUR (cheerful, poking him on the shoulder with her bâton): Très bien!


In the Dysdark fortress in the Hope Kingdom, Shut dances singing with joy along a corridor, crossing paths with Close and his lieutenants.

SHUT  (his back to his superiors): Close... have you seen me? 
SHUT (Turning around, in a Large Ham tone): This unparallelled beauty!!!

SHUT (defiant, showing Close his bouquet of red roses and candles): Do you admit defeat!? (Laughing heartily) Ha-ha-ha-ha! (Singing) Beauty is such a si-in! (Utsukushii te tsu-mi!)

Close, obviously, turns a blind eye towards Shut.
STOP: Who is that?
FREEZE: Who is that?
CLOSE (discontented, sarcastic): Hmph. How pointless. (Pause) But whatever.

(Cut to the black vines growing fast in the park clearing)
CLOSE: The Forest of Despair is growing.


Back on Earth, the sun is setting and the Cures are getting ready to return to Noble Academy when they receive something special from the cats they helped...

MME. SHAMOUR: This is as thanks for helping them. They picked this up yesterday and want to give it to you.

The object in question is a golden disk inlaid with the heart-shaped crown of the Hope Kingdom's crest.
Everyone on the Precure team is astonished upon seeing the token.
MME. SHAMOUR (surprised): That's... a crest from the Hope Kingdom royal family!!
TOWA (even more surprised, trembling): Don't tell me...!
MINAMI: This is...
AROMA: I'm sure it's Prince Kanata's!
YUI: Which means...

Which means Kanata is close by...

The ending theme is performed by Cure Scarlet, whose estranged brother is now confirmed to be prefectly fine:
Kanaetai mirai he no michi (The path to the future you want to make true)
Sore wo "yume" to yobu no nara (You may call that your "dream")
Nakama to hashiri daseba ī yo ne (Just take off with your friends)
Let's Go! (Go!) gokigen'yō (Let's go, go, have a nice day!)
Let's Go! (Go!) Sukāretto! (Let's go, go, Cure Scarlet!)

Doko kako mo ikiru chikara ni (No matter what happened in the past, the power to live on)
Watashi no honō dare mo kesenai (exists in my eternal flames.)
Tsunaida te towa ni shinjite (I believe in these hands held tight, forever)

Yūki tamesu kyō wa kitto (Because I have the courage today,)
Ashita kaeru tame ni aru kara (tomorrow I will definitely change!)

Goran purinsesu! Guran purinsesu! (Take a gander, princess! Grand Princess!)
"Yume" wa hate shinaku tsuzuite (Your dreams will continue on...)
Hora ne! Minna wo matte iru no yo (See! Everyone else is waiting for you!)
Goran purinsesu! Guran purinsesu! 
(Take a gander, princess! Grand Princess!)
Sharara sekai ni wa shiawase ga niau yo 
(Shalala, the world deserves more happiness, so...!)

Kibō no kagi de tokihanate! (Set it free with the key of hope!)
Let's Go! Purinsesu Purikyua (Let's go, Princess Precures!)

I would never be Shut out from such a Shut-centric episode. With lots of cats. And Kuroro developing a new hipster persona and more self-confidence post heel-face turn, though at first he's shy and insecure and just needed a mentor like Shamour to see the inner worth in him. We saw two Dysdarks, a defector and one with simply bad luck, get well-deserved makeovers and self-confidence boosts. And we've got a little clue that estranged Prince Grand Kanata is somewhere in the Yumegahama area...
Kuroro coming out of his identity crisis: Kuroro is very timid and just wants to go back to the Hope Kingdom, but Madame Shamour is trying to get him comfortable by encouraging him to study and play, and that will connect to your dream. The results of the literal transformation of Lock’s character. His fairy name is Kuroro, and he is super shy and has no memories as Lock. Kind of reminds me of Charles V, when the young archduke landed in Spain a shy and reserved young teenager without any support, and now, by Episode Three/Four, he's growing a beard (like Kuroro has become a hipster) and broken out of his shell with a little encouragement from older females. Shamour is Aunt Margot and Germaine de Foix rolled into one, if we should keep the Charles V analogy. We love how his personality unfolds and the smile erased by shell shock has returned to his face.
The cat beauty contest: Team Calicos vs. Team Strays, and I rooted for Kuroro all along. Not as much tension as in Kirara vs. Ranko, I must say.
Kuroro's hipster lookKuroro was just MEANT to be a hipster. Like he was a demon in his past incarnation... now he looks adorably bohemian/intellectual! He just can't follow any other trend!
The victims of the week: Here we had the trio of black strays, who, due to their physiques, were given the fan nicknames (not their real names, which are never told) of Boggis, Bunce, and Bean (one fat, one short, one lean!). Another multiple summon, this time a (literally fishy) threefold one. And I abso-frigging-lutely love when monsters of the week are plural in the same episode.
Shut's make-up: Mind control/life support like the Anima-Mates' cuffs? No. But at least SERIOUS BUSINESS to him. It ensured that he had yet another bad day. And Madame Shamour truly boosted his confidence by giving him a new, even far queerer appearance!!
Shut's relationship with Mme. Shamour: Ultimately, after waiting so long, the highlight of the episode was simply Shut finally receiving some recognition thanks to Mme. Shamour. It was a very precious moment, and it made me happy for him and respect Shamour even more as a character for choosing to help him than to fight him. She was able to identify his heavy heart of confusion and uncertainty, and make him feel beautiful by providing him some new tips to beautify himself in a new way. My inner fangirl had hoped he was going to make the transition this episode, but that itself would have been a rushed move- so we ought to be grateful for that. But I have to say, it was absolutely GLORIOUS to see Shut frolicking down the corridors past Close and his two minions without a care in the world! Keep being fabulous Shut! 
Though I ship Shutlight/Shutlet as hard as can be, Shutmour appears to be a serious contender in naval warfare. Let me clarify, though, that I think of it as Jaimienne vs. Renlienne (this is but my own humble opinion): Shut loves Twilight/Scarlet like Brienne loves Jaime, while he loves Shamour like Brienne loves Renly: in a fashion far closer to admiration or what fans of stars feel for said stars. Or is it vice versa? We shall better think of it as we watch the story unfurl before our eyes.
And Shut also sees Madame as a worthy opponent, much like Jean de Tilly viewed Gustavus Adolphus and vice versa.
Well, Shut needed a hug or some other kind of soothing after he's been under so much pressure, and no one at all seemed to care until now. Madame Shamour truly had to encourage Shut after he's been so down. Now he looks even more flamboyant than before, and able to accept defeat for once in a while (Shut the sore loser is dead as a doornail!!**)! Is this the prelude to a heel-face turn? We Shut fans seriously hope so!
Shut was being pushed around by Close and when Shamour commented on his bad make up, he started complaining of how he was getting no respect. Strangely enough, Shamour did not treated him as an enemy but rather as a person who is lost. With some make up, Shut actually gain some self confidence and didn't feel upset when he lost the battle. Guess up, he got a make over which got Close, Stop, and Freeze wondering what has happened to him.

Kanata's brooch with the crest of the Hope Kingdom: A vital clue to what is upcoming: the Cures will reunite with their estranged liege lord, who, however (and so conveniently for straight male love interests/dudes in distress) suffers from amnesia.
Kanata has amnesia. So typical. Kai in The Snow Queen, Perlino, Marcus in Erstwhile's Singing Springing Lark, Shinobu Ijuuin, Mamoru Chiba... every male love interest separated from his other half in romantic fairy tales is sure to have lost his memories... and to have found himself another lady (or the other lady has rather found him!). Maybe Kanata has also found himself another lady as well (given how much this story borrows from fairytales...).

Trying to find Kanata, the Cures take part in a so-called Princess Contest.

And... will Shut, who has changed back to his usual cobalt blue eyeshadow, take up moonwalking? :O

Some fan-made eyecandy: Shutlight but also a little crackship Close/Kimimaro: